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on March 11, 2012

Chameleon-Ants are the Myrmyztecs spies group ! They take over opponents abilities when they capture them !

Power : When a chameleon ant captures an opponent unit,

  1. Put the captured unit aside ( its owner can’t use it as a reinforcement unit)
  2. Put a chameleon ant who succeds a capture on its normal side. Until end of turn, this chameleon ant can’t move nor send projectiles.

All Chamaeleon-Ants get the ability of the captured unit. They keep this power until another one of them captures a new unit. When it happens, give the former captured unit back to its owner and replace it by the newly captured one.

  • They can’t take over the Red Guard (Sovietcopter) and the Sovietcopter Worker abilities.
  • If they capture a Soldier or a Conveyor (USApods), they can move Jaguar-Ants.

(the Chameleon-Ant is inspired by the Barcelona Güell Parc salamander. I love Barcelona)


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