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on March 11, 2012

Priestess-Ants are born with runic signs visible on their exoskeleton, meaning that they are the only ones able to perform sacrifice rituals !

Unfortunate bugs captured in a Jaguar-net will endure the Wrath of the Priestess !

Prisoners sacrifices allow to protect efficiently the Ant-Nest and their beloved Queen :

« Marabunta VI, Keeper of Saint-Antliness and Defender of the Holy Palm Tree »

They can bring back to life ants fallen on the battlefield, and they can also cast moonstones rainfalls on their ennemys.

 Power : They possess two abilities when they are on their special side :

  • They can remove from the game a prisoner, and, in doing so, they raise from the dead a lost unit next to them.
  • Or they can choose to sacrifice two prisoners in order to launch a special attack called « the Moonstones Rainfall »

    Watch out, the Priestess Ant is about to perform the Moonstones Rainfall!!



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