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A Jaguar Ant ready for action!

The Jaguar-Ant is the basic unit of the Myrmyztec Civilization

Her duty is to capture opponent MicroMutants thanks to her Jaguar fur net so that the Priestesses can perform the sacrifice rituals. She mimics Aztec Jaguar Warriors.

Power : when the Jaguar-Ant is on her special side, she has the ability to throw a jaguar-net.

A l'attaque !

It looks like she found something interesting for her Priestess!


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Chameleon-Ants are the Myrmyztecs spies group ! They take over opponents abilities when they capture them !

Power : When a chameleon ant captures an opponent unit,

  1. Put the captured unit aside ( its owner can’t use it as a reinforcement unit)
  2. Put a chameleon ant who succeds a capture on its normal side. Until end of turn, this chameleon ant can’t move nor send projectiles.

All Chamaeleon-Ants get the ability of the captured unit. They keep this power until another one of them captures a new unit. When it happens, give the former captured unit back to its owner and replace it by the newly captured one.

  • They can’t take over the Red Guard (Sovietcopter) and the Sovietcopter Worker abilities.
  • If they capture a Soldier or a Conveyor (USApods), they can move Jaguar-Ants.

(the Chameleon-Ant is inspired by the Barcelona Güell Parc salamander. I love Barcelona)

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Priestess-Ants are born with runic signs visible on their exoskeleton, meaning that they are the only ones able to perform sacrifice rituals !

Unfortunate bugs captured in a Jaguar-net will endure the Wrath of the Priestess !

Prisoners sacrifices allow to protect efficiently the Ant-Nest and their beloved Queen :

« Marabunta VI, Keeper of Saint-Antliness and Defender of the Holy Palm Tree »

They can bring back to life ants fallen on the battlefield, and they can also cast moonstones rainfalls on their ennemys.

 Power : They possess two abilities when they are on their special side :

  • They can remove from the game a prisoner, and, in doing so, they raise from the dead a lost unit next to them.
  • Or they can choose to sacrifice two prisoners in order to launch a special attack called « the Moonstones Rainfall »

    Watch out, the Priestess Ant is about to perform the Moonstones Rainfall!!


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